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Mission and Goals


The mission of Ming Chuan University Libraries is to provide comprehensive resources, a learning-conductive environment, and multi-faceted services in support of teaching, learning and research to advance the academic mission of the University and enrich the life of Ming Chuan community.

Goals and Objectives

   G1: Identify the information needs of users

   G2: Enrich Library collections

   G3: Enhance utilization of Library collections and resources

   G4: Optimize the environment for study and research

   G5: Enhance the quality of Library staff

G1 - Strength the collections to meet the information need of users:

Obj 1.1 - Establish a Collection Development Policy to ensure an appropriate balance of acquisitions across subjects and languages, in paper and digital format under available budget.
Obj 1.2 – Identify the information need of users by a variety of channels.
Obj 1.3 – Establish and continue to enrich special collections for specific areas of strength and interest.

G2 – Optimize the environment for study and research:

Obj 2.1 – Improve the physical infrastructure of library building and make it more comfortable for study and research.
Obj 2.2 - Provide enough storage to ensure that the collections are appropriately housed and preserved.
Obj 2.3 – Offer comprehensive facilities to help users work effectively.

G3 – Offer excellent services to facilitate the use of collections and enrich the life of community:

Obj 3.1 – Enhance availability and accessibility of the collections.
Obj 3.2 – Establish and expand partnership and collaborations.
Obj 3.3 – Cultivate the appreciation of humanity and fine arts.
Obj 3.4 – Develop approachable, knowledgeable, and skilled staff.


by Dr. Radut.