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Other Services

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices will be issued to individuals by e-mail before the due date.

1.Five days before the due date: Inform the readers about the due date and advise them to renew the books online or return them ASAP.
2.Due date: Inform the readers that today is the due date and it is the last day for renewing the books online.
3.Day after the due date: Inform the readers that online renewal is not available; please return the overdue books ASAP. 

Except for the notices sent via e-mail, the roster of readers with books overdue more than 80 days and 400 NTD in overdue fines will be announced in MCU Library or in each department in the middle and end of the semester. All readers must pay attention.

Book Search Service

       If a book which is available in the library catalog cannot be found on the bookshelf, you can fill in the “Book unavailable on the bookshelf” record, and the librarian will find the book for you.

1.If the book is found, the librarian will reserve the book for the requesting reader and inform the reader by e-mail. The book will be kept at the front
   desk for a week and will be put back to the bookshelf or passed to the next requesting reader after that time.

2.If the librarians cannot find the requested book either, the reader will see “searching” as the online status of the book, which means the reader
   must wait for a bit while the librarians continue looking for that book. If a reader needs the book immediately, please use the function of transfer
   or inter-library cooperation.  

Note: The Library will inform readers via a message to their university e-mail account (the one issued by the institution upon admission to the university). Readers can also submit changes their e-mail accounts online by clicking “My Library Account” under Library Services on the MCU Library English website.



by Dr. Radut.