Personal Info Manage

The following statement explains how the Ming Chuan University Library manages all personal information collected.

  1. To process relevant affairs including accessing library collection, promotion service and inter-campus library loan, the Library collects your personal data to meet the needs of general operation and management of publications; entry/exit security management; surveys, statistics, and research analysis; related accounting services; fundraising (including fundraising for charities), and university affairs research.
  2. The personal information collected on this form is limited to purposes stated in the aforementioned items and will not be transferred to other uses. All the information will be shredded after all the process is complete and the retention period expires. This personal information will be used only in Taiwan.
  3. We will solicit your consent in advance before using your personal data to serve a purpose other than the purposes stated above in this agreement. While you may refuse to provide your personal data to the university, you may lose certain rights or benefits as a consequence.
  1. The Library collects, processes, and uses your personal data in accordance with the MCU Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Management, which were established based on the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant laws and rules enacted in Taiwan, the Republic of China.
  2. Please provide your accurate, most recent and complete personal data.
  3. To carry out its affairs, the Library collects personal data, including your full name in Chinese and English, e-mail address, contact number, contact address, responsible unit, class, department, ID number, passport number, ARC number, personal photo, date of birth, graduation year, gender, your account information and so on, as detailed on the form.
  4. Upon using any of the online services provided by the Library, the Library and database corporation will use cookies to manage and store your access records including IP address, file(s) used and time used.
  5. Please inform the Library of any change to your personal data to maintain current information.
  6. You may lose related rights or benefits if you provide incorrect, false, outdated or incomplete information.
  7. According to the Personal Information Protection Act (ROC), you are entitled to make the following requests:

(1) To check or review the collected data.
(2) To receive a photocopy of the collected data.
(3) To supplement or revise the collected data.
(4) To cease the collection, processing or use of the collected data.
(5) To delete the collected data.

However, the Library may reject your request in order to meet the administrative and operational needs of its offices. Please refer to the contact method indicated in the MCU Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Management to file such requests as mentioned above. Moreover, should you suffer any losses or diminished rights due to such requests, the Library shall not be held responsible for any related compensation.

Your personal information is protected by MCU Guidelines for the Personal Information Protection Management. Should your personal information be stolen, disclosed, altered or infringed upon due to any violation of the Personal Information Protection Act by the Library due to the occurrence of any natural disasters, incidental changes or other unavoidable circumstances, the Library shall inspect the cause and inform you by phone, mail, email or website notice.

  1. Filling in any electronic or paper Library forms or applications indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the contents. If you are under age, your legal representative should read, understand and agree to all the contents of this agreement and the subsequent changes before using a service. If you have used a service, you are deemed to have obtained the legal representative’s consent and have agreed to comply with all the above specifications. If you breach any terms of this agreement, the Library may terminate all the rights and services given to you whenever it deems necessary.
  2. The Library is entitled to amend the contents of this agreement, and any amendments will be publicized on the Library website. Should you disagree with any amendments, please exercise your right to request that the Library discontinue to collect, process, or use your personal data. Otherwise, you are considered to have agreed to this amendment.
  3. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, no suggestion or information, neither in written format or orally delivered, that you may obtain in connection with this agreement, constitutes any guarantee outside this agreement.

The interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. Any disputes arising out of or relating to this agreement shall be submitted to Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of jurisdiction.

Matters not covered in these guidelines will be dealt with in accordance with the related description and procedures of MCU Personal Information Management System.

In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Chinese and other language versions of this document, the Chinese version shall prevail.