Inter-library Cooperation

When you need a thesis, a research report or a book which is not in MCU Library Collection, you may apply online for copying the document or borrowing the material from the other units via inter-library cooperation. You may also borrow the books directly in the cooperating library after you process an exchange library card in our MCU library.


Readers can apply online for a self-pay account with Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)(link is external) ;those who apply are responsible to pay.

1. Apply for Account: Readers must apply for an account with Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) before first time use, and can use the service after receiving an approval notification via e-mail from the librarian.

2. Confirm the unit with the collection you need: Readers can query the unit with the required collection by logging in to NDDS and using “Comprehensive Serial Index” and “National Bibliographic Information Network” under “Search / Order”.

3. Please key in your account number and password to log into the system and click “submit” for applying to copy or borrow material in a domestic library or overseas library.

4. Some units are not available for book loan service; please refer to the “Library Loan Price List” under the “Library Info” on the website. Overseas book loan service is not available now.  

5. When applying for copying material, please abide by the Copyright Law and only use it for personal research.

6. If there is no collection in the library, the librarian will submit the application for copying material. The required library will implement the request after receiving the application form. 

7. Applicants can search the status of their application using their application number or application date.

8. The required material will be sent to the library first, and the library will inform the applicants to retrieve and pay for the material by e-mail after receiving the material. 

9. The payment is be different from each individual library; please refer to the detailed payment window that will pop up while confirming the application. You can also refer to the “Library Loan Price List” under the “Library Info” on the website.

10. All overseas materials are applied for by the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center and the payment standards are as following: 1~30 pages / 450 NTD; 31~60 pages / 650 NTD; more than 61 pages / 850 NTD.

Use the exchange library card to borrow books from cooperating libraries

1. Faculty and staff members, and students can exchange library cards for participating libraries with their institutional ID cards in the library during normal hours of operation.

2. The exchange library cards are available for the following cooperating universities: National Central University, Central Police University, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung Hua University, Yuan Ze University, Yuan Pei University, National Chiao Tung University, Hsuan Chuang University, Shih Hsin University, Chang Gung University, Ta Hwa University, Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology, National Defense University, Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan College of Physical Education, National Taiwan Sport University, Chien Hsin University Of Science And Technology, Vanung University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Kainan University, Taoyuan Innovation Institute of Technology, Chin Min Institute of Technology, St. John University, Yu Da University, Army Academy R.O.C., National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University and National Taiwan Normal University.

3. Borrowers must take good care of the books; if borrowers destroy or lose books, the case will be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations in participating libraries. 

4. If borrowers lose library cards, they should notify the unit where the original application for the card was made and take responsibility for the relevant affairs.

5. Each library card permits the borrower to borrow five books for up to a month; renewals and reservations are not allowed.

6. Readers can borrow books with the exchange library cards in the participating libraries and are to return to the books to the participating libraries before the due day.

7. When returning books to the participating libraries, please confirm with the librarian that all the books are returned without any fine due. Readers should return the exchange library cards at the original institution.

Pa Chih Lieh Inter-library Cooperation Association

Members: Chinese Culture University, Soo Chow University, Yang Ming University, Ming Chuan University, Shih Chien University, Taipei Veterans General Hospital-Medical, Takming College, Tatung University, Taipei College of Maritime Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts, and National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, and University of Taipei.


Chinese Culture University, Soo Chow University, Yang Ming University, Ming Chuan University and Shih Chien University are located in Shihlin, which was called “PATTSIRAN” by the Pingpu Tribe in the past and translated into “Pa Chih Lieh” by Han Chinese people. This place was also called “Pa Chih Lieh Lin” due to the many woods in the area and renamed as “Pa Chih Lin” in the 6th year of the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty. Later generations called it “Shihlin”, for the many scholars here. The Lieh of “Pa Chih Lieh” means union and connection, which is also the mission of this organization.

Pa Chih Lieh Inter-library Cooperation Association was established by the presidents of the originating universities: Chinese Culture University, Tsai-Mei Lin; Soo Chow University, Yuan-Tsun Liu; Yang Ming University, Sien-Shih Chang; Ming Chuan University, Teh-Ming Pao and Shih Chien University, Hsi-Ching-Fang on January 13, 1998, as the first regional university library consortium in Taiwan. It not only allows members to search and read the collections in each library, but also provides book loan services for each university in accordance with the regulations, and the librarians in each library can participate in workshops held by the other universities.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital-Medical Library, Takming College and Tatung University jointed the Association on May 5, 2004, increasing total members to eight. On June 16, 2004, the Association made the resolution to provide 20 library cards for exchange. In January 2010, the 1st Library Deans’ Conference was held at Taipei College of Maritime Technology, when Taipei College of Maritime Technology was accepted to be the 9th member of the Association. In July 2010, the Library Deans’ Conference was held at Shih Chien University and Taipei National University of the Arts and National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences were welcomed for a total of 11 members. In February 2012, Taipei Physical Education College ( University of Taipei ) jointed Pa Chih Lieh Inter-library Cooperation Association as its 12th member.