Other Services

Overdue notices will be issued to individuals by e-mail or text before the due date.

●5 days/ 3days before the due date(by E-mail): Inform the readers about the due date and advise them to renew the books online or return them ASAP.

○1 day before the due date(by text): Inform the readers that tomorrow is the due date. ※Only for readers who has imputed cellphone number in ‘My Library Account’

●Day after the due date(by E-mail): Inform the readers that online renewal is not available; please return the overdue books ASAP.

Except for the notices sent via e-mail or texts, readers with books overdue more than 10 days or 200 NTD in overdue fines will be informed in hard copy of notices fourth times a semester.

Notice: Email reminders and overdue notifications from the library are provided as an additional service to borrowers. Borrowers are responsible to take initiative in understanding their personal book-loan and reservation status to avoid losing their borrowing rights because of overdue fines.

 If a book which is available in the library catalog cannot be found on the bookshelf, you can come to the circulation desk to ask for some help to find it, or you may fill in the “Book unavailable on the bookshelf(找不到圖書紀錄單)” record and hand it to the library staff, the librarian will find the book for you later.

If the book is found, librarian will reserve the book for the requesting reader, please be aware of the library pick-up notices in your mailbox, and make sure you left the correct contact information in your library account.

If you see an online status which is “searching(尋找中)”, it means that the librarian is still looking for this book, please order the book from other campus or the inter-library cooperation.