2023-24 AY Freshman Theme Activities Series: Exploring Your Reading DNA

Perhaps you don’t know yet! Your reading style is like your unique DNA, combining one’s individual traits and preferences. Just like the four dimensions in the MBTI personality-type indicator, it subtly guides our ways of reading. Through this fascinating intersection, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and find the reading rhythm and style that suits us best. Let’s explore it together!

📍Activity period: September 11 to November 22, 2023

Activities Series I: Journey of Nutrients – MBTI Book Fair [E-Book Exhibition / Physical Book Exhibition]

Firstly, we bring you a book fair full of ‘nutrients’! The books here are like different kinds of nutritional elements that make your heart and mind stronger. There is a book here for you no matter if you are the adventurous type or the artistic type. Through reading, you can absorb a variety of knowledge nutrients and become a better you! Do you know that these ‘nutrients’ can also be transmitted between institutions? The first U3 (Ming Chuan, Soochow, Tamkang) joint book fair will kick off on September 11. During the event, you can easily borrow and return books on your own campus through U3 interlibrary services. Hurry and click the link to visit the online book fair and absorb the essence of knowledge from all three universities!

📍Activity period: September 11 to 29, 2023
📍Activity venue: Taipei Library|​Taoyuan Library|​U3 Online Book Fair:MCU X SCU X TKU

 Activities Series II: Comprehensive Guide to Allinone

New students, you must be feeling nervous and anxious having just arrived on campus! Don’t worry! We have a ‘Comprehensive Guide’ of orientation activities to help you smoothly transition into the new environment. Regardless of your personality type, we have professional resources to help you master study skills, turning you into a super adventurer on campus!

📍Activity period: September 11 to November 22, 2023

📍Procedure: the entire class participate in the ‘New Student Orientation and Educational Activities’ hosted by the library or watch the ‘Library Usage Educational Videos’ online.

  • Phase One: In-person tutorial and challenge at the library, with the course and activities lasting approximately 30-40 minutes. (The tutorial portion will take 10-15 minutes, and the hands-on activities 20-25 minutes.)
  • Phase Two: Starting in December, the orientation will be conducted through online video viewing. Class advisors are requested to report back on the viewing time and number of attendees.

Activities Series III: Journey of self discovery

For the final activity in the series, we are taking you on a real ‘exploration’ adventure! You must first complete the MBTI personality assessment to receive the key to the challenges. You will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your own MBTI personality type. Each challenge represents whether you have fully understood the comprehensive guide and have turned the ‘knowledge nutrients’ into the best password to clear all stages. Those who successfully complete the challenges will not only receive a small gift as a reward but also have the chance to participate in a grand prize drawing to win super rewards!

📍Activity period: September 11 to November 22, 2023
📍Activity target: Undergraduate freshmen, new graduate (master’s and doctoral) freshmen, and new transfer students
📍Participation Method: The library has prepared four mini-questions for all adventurers. Please follow the clues for each question to explore various corners of the library, find the questions, and answer them. Those who complete the challenges can go to the front desk to receive a lovely small gift.
Moreover, if you achieve an accuracy rate of 85% or above, you’ll also be eligible for the grand prize drawing, with the chance to take home some fabulous gifts! Don’t hesitate—embark on your mission challenge right away!
Click to play MBTI test, or scan QRCODE📱

🎁Prizes: Two 20-inch American Explorer luggage cases, four Wow Prime Group $500 gift cards, nine illustrator-designed canvas bags, twenty Ming Chuan University whale keychains, and fifty Ming Chuan University spicy and sour dry noodles.

20-inch American Explorer luggage cases
Wow Prime Group $500 gift cards
illustrator-designed canvas bags

※The library will conduct the prize drawing after the event concludes (11/22).
※Prizes valued over NTD. 1,000 shall be included in the annual income tax declaration. If awardees hold overseas nationality, they are required to submit 20% of the prize value as tax payment along with a photocopy of their ARC.
※ The actual prizes will be awarded as is. In the event of product unavailability or other force majeure reasons, the organizer reserves the right to replace the prize with one of equal value without further notice.