Library E-resource Instruction Workshop(Nov.-Dec.)

To assist teachers and students in meeting their needs for teaching and research, as well as effectively utilizing library resources to find the necessary literature, and to make good use of commonly used tools for writing papers, the library continuously organizes various themed educational training courses and provides asynchronous audiovisual learning resources.

✏Registration link(The course is taught in Chinese):

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Library Services &
Resources Instruction
Library Services & Resources
Happy fun Reading e-books
How to Search Journal articlesSearch Journal articles
Thesis Writing ToolsTurnitin、Endnote、Word formatting tips for dissertation writing
Theses Submission InstructionGuideline for Dissertations &
Theses Submission

✏Learn without limitations!Library offers asynchronous audiovisual learning resources

E-Palace Classroom: Asynchronous learning resources

We will also periodically update the content of audiovisual files, so please stay tuned for more rich resources as we explore the library together!”