Outstanding Work-study Students and Library Experts Award Conferment

Award work-study students, and volunteer service students with excellent performance, and readers who use Library resources and equipment well to build a learning model and promote volunteer service.


  1. Work-study Students with Excellent Performance
  2. Expert of Borrowing Books
  3. Expert of Recommending Books
  4. Expert of Entering Library
  5. Volunteer Service

Note: If awardees hold overseas nationality, they are required to submit 20% of the prize value as tax payment along with a photocopy of their ARC.

Award conferment period and venue:

📅12:15PM, December 18, 2023 🏫Taipei Campus Library: 3rd Floor Audiovisual Room

📅12:15PM, December 15, 2023 🏫Taoyuan Campus Library: 2nd Floor Learning Commons

FamilyMart Gift Card(NT$ 200)