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1. What are the reader’s ID and password required for reader enquiries?

A. For readers’ convenience, the reader ID and password are the same as your account and password for Faculty and Staff Integration System / Student Information System. If you are unable to log in, please try to log in to MCU Cloud System first. If it is not workable, please log in to Faculty and Staff Integration System / Student Information System to change your password. Please wait for 12 minutes after updating the revised password in any on-campus system, then log in to the library Query Borrower Information with the new password. For alumni or other readers, please ask the librarian at the front desk, EXT 2275 on Taipei campus and EXT 3823 on Taoyuan campus, to assist in revising your password.

2. Why am I unable to put a hold on a book?

A. The conditions to hold a book are as follows:
(1) The book has already been borrowed. (2) One person may not put a hold on more than 40 books at the same time. Please confirm the above two conditions before attempting to hold a book.

3. Where may I pick up a book on which a hold has been placed?

A. It depends on the campus you have chosen when placing the hold.

4. How do I know when my book which has been put on hold has become available? Does a higher rank in a queue mean I can get my book sooner?

A.  If the enquiry system displays "hold arrived and will be kept until the date", this means the book has been returned and is being kept at the front desk. Meanwhile, you'll get a pick-up notice in your university e-mail. (You can log onto our Query Borrower Information→My Library→My Account→User Information to check or correct your e- mail address.) The order in which you receive a book placed on hold will be based on your place in the queue. The earlier you place a hold, the earlier you will receive your book.

5. How long will my hold last?

A. A book placed on hold should be picked up within 3 days of the day that book has been returned to the Library.

6. How to renew borrowed materials?

A. Please log onto library Query Borrower Information → My Library → My Account → Current Borrowed List, put a “check” on the book you would like to renew and click “renew the item”. Please check the confirmation column for information of the renewal and the extended due date.

7. Why has my renewal request been declined? Is this because my renewal request has been made too early or for other reasons?

A. Renewal may be requested the day after borrowing a book up until the due date. Request will be declined if renewal request is made before or after that period, or it has already been placed on hold by someone else. Please check your university e-mail (or the personal e-mail address you have supplied in the Library System) as the system will mail a notice to you automatically.

8. Does the fine of five dollars per day for overdue books include statutory holidays and weekends?

A. The fine is not counted for holidays, which includes Saturday and Sunday.

9. Do overdue fees apply during vacation period?

A. Hours of operation during vacation period will be announced one week before final examinations. In cases where due date falls during a vacation period, you had better renew or return books before the vacation; otherwise, you risk incurring overdue charges. The library will be open during vacation periods in accordance with the university schedule; overdue fees will not be charged for days closed.

10. Where are overdue fees paid?

A. If you are on Taipei campus, you may pay fees through the Automated Document Machine next to the Taipei Fubon Bank ATM in A Building; if you are on Taoyuan campus, you may pay fees through the Automated Document Machine on the first floor in Q Building. However, please do not forget to bring your receipt to settle your account at the library front desk.

11. What if I lost the borrowed materials?

A. If borrowed materials are lost, the borrower should notify the library immediately and the loan period will be frozen for a month to allow the borrower to find or buy the materials. After that month, the loan period will be continued consecutively. In accordance with Fine and Compensation Procedures for Library Materials, the borrower will be required to buy the same material as that which was lost. If the lost materials cannot be purchased, the reader should pay three times the price of the lost materials. The borrower is also required to pay the overdue fine; please refer to the Fine and Compensation Procedures for Library Materials on library website.

12. What can I do if a book I did not borrow appears on my account?

A. Please clarify this matter with a librarian at the front desk.

13. What can I do if I returned all my books but the loan record still appears on my account?

A. Please go to the front desk for help, or send an e-mail to library to inquire about the matter.

14. How can students on Taoyuan campus borrow books from Taipei campus?

A. First of all, please check the online library catalog for the book you want. If it is available at the Taipei branch, please highlight the title, directly click “Hold and Transfer the book” and fill in your personal information in the pop-up window. Please note that only the library on Taoyuan campus can transfer the books from Taipei or vice versa. Only by checking the column in the window can the transfer function be initiated. When you see the message “Your reservation has been accepted”, the procedure of holding or transferring is complete. When the material is delivered to the campus you requested, the library system will send a message to your e-mail by midnight of next day for you to pick up your material. A separate message will be sent to you for any other failure reasons. Please note that the book will be held at the front desk for three days only. Please pick up the materials as soon as possible.

15. Can Work-experience Master's students apply online to transfer materials to the Administration Section office on the 3rd floor of Jihe Complex?

A. Students at Jihe Complex are welcome to apply online for material transfer. Students can pick up and return the borrowed materials at Jihe Administration Section on the 3rd floor. However, the time for picking up and returning the borrowed materials must be within the office hours for the administration staff members. Any other hours must be confirmed with the administration staff members in advance. However, only faculty and staff members and graduate school students at Jihe Complex can use the above service.

 16. How long will it take to transfer material from Kinmen campus?

A. The material transfer service is available on Kinmen campus and it will take about a week, depending on the ship schedule.

17. What can I do if a book which is available in the library catalog cannot be found on the bookshelf?

A. If you are unable to find the book you want in the stacks, please send us a note indicating the name of the book you are looking for, or let us know in person, so that we may search for it. In cases where book does not appear for an entire semester, we may process case as a lost book.

18. How can alumni borrow books?

A. Please bring your previous student ID card of a copy of your diploma and pay 1000 NTD (The deposit is refundable upon return of your temporary library card) as a deposit to apply for a temporary library card at the front desk. If you already have an alumni card, you may pay 600 NTD as a deposit (which will be refunded when you return the books.) In such cases, you may only borrow ten books for a period of 14 days each time, and may only renew one time only.

19. Can I borrow back issues?

A. Unfortunately, it is not possible to borrow back issues. In order to keep complete continuity for serial publications, they may not be lent out. It is difficult to replace individual items in a serial publication, and publication will be bound as a whole.

20. What if I cannot find the periodical I want on the shelf?

A. Please open the cover of the shelf first to check if you can find the issue you want inside. Perhaps you can find it on nearby shelves. You may also ask the library staff for assistance. Look for it in the e-journals (see note on the periodicals shelves). Look for the periodical in the other on-campus units which have ordered a subscription.

21. Where are the back issues?

A. Space in the Taipei branch is extremely limited, only the current year issues will be on the shelf. All bound periodicals for earlier years are kept in QB1 at the Taoyuan branch.

22. How can students on Taipei campus apply for transferring bound periodicals from Taoyuan?

A. You may borrow bound periodicals by filling in a transfer request form at the front desk or by sending e-mail to the library (Please fill in your information clearly.). You are also welcome to call the librarian at 28824564 EXT 2275 or 2272.

23. Will all the recommended books be purchased?

A. Almost ninety percent of recommended books will be added to our collection, except for duplications or for other specific reasons. We do not set a ceiling budget for the purchase of new books; therefore your book recommendations are most welcome.

24. How do I know whether my recommended books have arrived?

A. You can know your recommended books have arrived through the following channels: 1) Upon the arrival of your recommended books, an automatic e-mail notice will be sent to you if you recommended the books on line. 2) Check the status of Library Collection for the recommended books. 3) A list of new arrivals is posted on the library bulletin board. 4) New arrivals notice. 

25. Why were my recommended books rejected because of not meeting the collection policy? What’s the collection policy of the library?

A. The library collection policies were established to use the budget well and develop the library collection for the future. No books with pornographic, violent, sexually explicit or weirdly perverse content will be approved for purchasing. There are so many recommended books and some mistakes may occur. You are welcome to communicate with the librarian when your recommended books are rejected. 


1. How can I use electronic periodicals at home?

A. If you want to use the service at home, you must receive authentication first. The operation manual may be found on the website database index. First, you have to set up proxy main frame: and port no: 3128 when the authentication screen appears. Then, key in your e-mail account number and password, and begin to use the service. Please refer to the instructions on website for the details. If you are still not successful, please let us know the link for the periodicals you want, along with a screen shot from your computer and your search path to htching@mcu.edu.tw for troubleshooting. If you have logged onto the new electronic resource index with your account number and password, there is no need to set up Proxy.

2. What else can I do if I have followed all the instructions and cannot link to the periodicals I want successfully? 

A. Please refer to the following process to solve the problem.

3. May I use Economics Journal at home? 

A. Sure, please click here for the process of setting up.


1. Is there wireless Internet in our school library?

A. Sure, please set your notebook to obtain an IP address automatically. Once you click to open IE, there is a confirmation screen. Type your account number and password as the same as your account and password for Faculty and Staff Integration System / Student Information System into the login box.


1. Can we borrow the disks attached to the books?

A. From the second semester of 2004-5, all disks accompanying language learning books can be borrowed.



by Dr. Radut.